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Charging Station

1. How long will it take for my EV Chargers to reach me?

This completely depends on your geographical location. However, the maximum time from placing order to delivery to any part of India will not exceed 15 days.

2. Is setting up my Charging Station free of cost?

While setting up your charging station is not completely free of cost, we assure you that the fees for the same are highly competitive and nominal.

3. What about maintenance of the Charging Station?

We provide Annual Maintenance Contracts at extremely competitive prices to help you keep your Charging Station in mint condition.


1. How do I know which charger is suitable for my car?

Complete details of chargers are provided on our website. All you need to do is refer to the manual provided on the purchase of your car and match the specifications with the details provided on our site.

2. Are my chargers covered under any guarantee or warranty?

Yes, the chargers we provide come with warranties and guarantees. However, terms for each charger vary and it is advisable that you go through these terms and conditions to have complete and accurate information.

3. What if I face any trouble with the chargers you have installed for me?

Our chargers are tested rigorously and you will rarely find yourself in this situation. However, in the rare instance that this happens, we provide extremely efficient service through our app to have your charger up and running in the shortest possible time.