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Charging Station

Ottokonnect offers turnkey solution for our clients to set up charging stations. From selecting various types of chargers available on our website, to shipping, installing and maintaining them, the entire process is seamless. Our customer support staff is available throughout your association with us to help you with every bit of your decision making journey.

EV Charger

Having your own EV Charger is always a great source of comfort and convenience. At Ottokonnect, we offer you a wide variety of EV Chargers that fit your requirement, budget and preference. Simply select the one you think will best serve you and we will have it shipped, fitted and working for you.


Buy Now & Get Installation free
  • Here's a compelling offer. Buy our charger now and its installation will be done free at any of our Ottokonnect charging stations. Our charging stations are marked on the Maps feature provided by us.