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Bharat DC Charger

Different power levels available (15kW to 20kW)
Full Charge : Upto 4 hrs

Combo DC Charger

DC up to 150 kW and AC up to 22 kVA
Full Charge : Upto 1 hrs

Bharat AC Charger

Single / Triple AC output from 7.4 kW to 22 kW
Full Charge : Upto 8 hrs

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Our crew will visit you on the decided date and time. Composing of thorough professionals, it will carry out the job quickly and comfortably as per the process.

About Ottokonnect

Ottokonnect is a software and hardware solution provider for electric vehicles. As our working is based on the partnership model, we focus on technology and rigorous quality standards.

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News & Media

  • 2021/09/08Guidelines
    Maharashtra State Electric Vehicle Policy - 2021
    The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) contributes to a wide range of sustainability goals. These include better air quality, reduced noise pollution, enhanced energy security, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Read more
    Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy, 2020
    The Council of Ministers, Govt. of NCT of Delhi approved the Delhi Electric Vehicles Policy vide Cabinet Decision No.2796 dated 23.12.2019. The policy has now been notified with immediate effect and a copy of the same is enclosed herewith for kind information please. Read more
    Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
    To address the quantum of emissions from the "Transport" sector powered by fossil fuels, "electric vehicle" is considered a viable option for short distance / inter-city trips with adequate "charging stations" available. Read more